2019 Refugee Hope Fundraising Results!

Throughout 2019, our patients donated to Refugee Hope Partners! Thanks to the help from our patients, Dr. Vinson & Vinson Orthodontics were able to donate $3000 to Refugee Hope! What is a Refugee? A refugee is someone who flees a country to escape danger or persecution. Did you know that million people have been forcibly displaced around the world? Here’s how Refugee Hope Partners is making an impact right here in Raleigh, NC. It’s a community in Raleigh that opens their doors to refugee families from around the world! They support these families through educational assistance and tutoring, homework help, English reading and writing, early learning, swimming lessons, bible studies, medical advocate programs, and more. There is no limit to how far this program will go to ensure success as these children and their families assimilate into the US. In 2020 we will continue our efforts to uplift and support this amazing organization and ask our patients to join us!