Katie Arteta school photo winner of 2018 Vinson Orthodontics ScholarshipThe winner of the 2018 Vinson Orthodontics Scholarship has been chosen. We would like to congratulate Katie Arteta, a 2018 graduate of Heritage High School, for earning this $500 scholarship. Katie has always been an active contributing member of her school and her local community, excelling in Math, Theatre, and sports. Read some of her winning essay below.

“True Friendship is Unconditional”

by Katie Arteta

“Throughout my life and especially now, my mother has always been the one person that I can turn to and look up to for anything. When I am experiencing any type of situation, my mom always seems to have a phrase or a piece of wisdom to share that has significant meaning or reference to what is going on in that particular moment of my life. However, there is one specific and important piece of advice that has always struck a chord with me and will continue to come in handy, as I grow in life and relationships. It will be one to share when I have a family or children of my own. “True friendship is unconditional.””

The Vinson Orthodontics Scholarship is an annual, non-renewable, $500 scholarship awarded to a current or previous patient of Vinson Orthodontics. Applications should be planning to attend an institution of higher learning for at least one year. Click here to learn more and to apply.