Community Involvement

It is important to Dr. Britt Vinson to support our local schools and contribute to our community. The lists below include schools and community groups that Vinson Orthodontics is proud to sponsor.

Groups We Sponsor

UNC Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center

Each year in October, Vinson Orthodontics hosts a Breast Cancer Awareness Fundraiser loving memory of Dr. Minhthu Nguyen of Gentle Family Dentistry. All proceeds go to The UNC Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center, where Dr. Nguyen was treated. UNC Lineberger is the only public cancer and research center in the state.

Refugee Hope Partners

Vinson Orthodontics supports Refugee Hope Partners in an effort to help make an impact in our local refugee community. Refugee Hope Partners is a non-profit that organizes programs to help refugee families in our surrounding communities. Many families have come from all over the world to reside in Raleigh. They provide emotional and practical support for these families, equip them with tools to help them find independence, and encourage spiritual growth.

Krista, from Amazima Ministries!

Meet Krista!!! We are beyond excited to sponsor Krista Hartenbach who has joined Amazima Ministries in Uganda! Dr. Vinson’s wife and 2 daughters spent a month with Krista in Uganda working with the children at Watoto Ministries. After spending many summers as a missionary in Uganda, Krista has sold everything that she owns to move to Uganda and serve with Amazima! After a long awaited delay due to Covid, she officially moved to Uganda on October 30, 2020!
Please follow Krista to learn more about her journey!


Sharefish is a local non-profit that is near and dear to our hearts. Vinson Orthodontics provides corporate financial support and sponsors three children in the village of El Carrizo. Dr. Vinson spent time in Honduras building the Aprende Conmigo Center and meeting the three children that we sponsor- Carlos, Angela & Yelsin. 

Sharefish was started by five Raleigh locals after a mission trips to Honduras. They witnessed children living in a perpetual cycle of poverty. Looking for ways to make a lasting impact, this small group created an organization to improve education, nutrition, housing, medical and economic opportunities in these small communities. Through Sharefish, these families are given a future by creating sponsorships to put kids in school, build libraries to increase literacy, and provide basic medical education.






Faith Ministry 

Another non-profit that is beloved by Vinson Orthodontics is Faith Ministry, a non-profit organization that has been making a difference along the border of Mexico since 1994. Faith Ministry serves families in need and makes a difference in the city of Reynosa and the town of Miguel Aleman through building houses, sponsoring children, meeting spiritual and medical needs, and providing a community of fellowship.

Dr. Vinson, along with his wife, served for a week in Reynosa with Faith Ministry in 2022, building a home for a family in need and fellowshipping with the local community, which they loved. 


Other Organizations We Sponsor Include: