Is Orthodontic Treatment Necessary

In a recent survey, The American Association of Orthodontists remarked that at least 3 out of 4 Americans could benefit from orthodontic treatment.

Understanding whether you need orthodontic treatment is a challenge in and of itself. If you’ve ever wondered if you or your child would benefit from orthodontic care, you should consult an orthodontist to determine what course of action works best.

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Close up of a child's teeth.

Benefits of Early Interceptive Treatment

When your child reaches around 7 or 8 years old, you should consider taking them to a qualified orthodontist to understand whether or not they exhibit issues in their mouth and jaw that may need correction. This is the perfect age for a child to visit the orthodontist because they can better predict how their permanent teeth will grow and whether interceptive treatment is needed.

Most children will not need to start treatment at this time. However, only an orthodontist can help determine whether or not they need interceptive treatment, which is designed to prevent oral problems from becoming bigger concerns. 

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Orthodontist with a mask examining a teenage girl's braces.

Signs Orthodontic Treatment May Be Necessary

If you have difficulty chewing, jaw pain, or other forms of oral dysfunction, it may be a sign that you’ll need further orthodontic treatment. Irregular tooth loss or jaw clicking can also cause these issues and may require orthodontic intervention as well.

When you see these symptoms in a child or adult, it is time to call the orthodontist and determine what your best options are moving forward.

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Knowing why orthodontic treatment is necessary is the first step toward achieving a natural, beautiful smile, and improving your quality of life. Whether you’re looking for your child or are an adult considering treatment, it is always worth starting your path to a healthy, radiant smile. 

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